A/C Season is Coming — Are You Ready?

With the scorching Texas summer just around the corner, it's crucial for homeowners and business owners in Lake Dallas, TX, to make their air conditioning systems ready to handle the heat. Scout Plumbing and our entire team of HVAC maintenance experts can help you get ready for air conditioning season! Read on and follow our essential tips and guidelines to get your air conditioning system ready for the heat.

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Schedule a Professional AC Tune-Up

Bringing a qualified Scout Plumbing AC maintenance technician to perform a thorough inspection and tune-up of your air conditioning system is the first and most crucial step in preparing for summer. We can clean and inspect your AC unit, check for any potential issues, and make necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure optimal performance. Contact us for air conditioning repair services now!

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Clean or Replace Air Filters

Dirty air filters can prevent proper airflow and reduce the effectiveness of your entire air conditioning system. Before summer officially arrives, clean or replace your air filters to prevent this issue from persisting through the upcoming months. This simple task can significantly improve your AC's performance and help ensure clean and healthy indoor air quality.

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Clear the Surrounding Area

Don’t forget: the outdoor unit of your air conditioning system needs proper airflow to function efficiently. Remember to clear any debris, leaves, grass, or other obstructions from around the outdoor unit. Trim back any overgrown vegetation or shrubs to maintain at least two feet of clearance around the unit.

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Test Run Your AC System

Whether you have a new air conditioning installation or are just turning it on after a few months, doing a test run is important before the weather gets too hot. Try running your AC system to make sure it's cooling your entire home or business properly. If you suspect anything is wrong, or don’t think your system is working, Scout Plumbing can help you with air conditioning repair services!

Schedule Air Conditioning Repair Services Now

Taking the time to prepare your AC unit before the sweltering temperatures arrive can help you stay comfortable indoors and avoid unexpected breakdowns during the peak cooling season. Get a head start now with Scout Plumbing!

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