How To Fix A Bad Gas Line

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Recently, we had a customer reach out to us to take a look at a plumbing issue they were experiencing. In today’s blog, we will cover what the issue was and the steps we took to fix it. For more information about our services, visit our website today!

The Problem

When we arrived at the customer’s home, we listened to the issues they were experiencing, and it led us to look at their gas line. When we inspected the gas line, we immediately noticed it was bad and would involve a gas line yard replacement. We took our findings back to the homeowners, told them what we noticed, and got the approval to move ahead with the replacement.

The Preparation For The Replacement of the Gas Line

As an experienced residential plumbing company, we knew that in order to safely remove and replace the gas line, we needed to get in touch with the city. The reason being, there are fiber optic lines, electrical lines, water lines, and more that occupy areas underground. To be sure that we didn’t accidentally cut or damage anything in the process, we had the city come and mark all of those lines to be able to safely get to work.

Furthermore, we needed to pull permits for this specific job, as well as a city green tag. We took care of all of these steps for our customer to ensure we had all of the approval and documentation we needed to get started.

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Replacing the Gas Line

Once we had all of the permits and lines marked, it was time to get to work. During the process, we were able to do the following for our customer:

  • Install new risers

  • Installed a new meter

  • Installed a new polyline

  • The polyline that we installed had no connections underground.

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Completing the Project

Once we replaced and installed all of the necessary parts for the project, we ran multiple tests to make sure everything was functioning correctly. Once we knew everything was in order, we cleaned up the property, leaving it better than we found it! Now, the homeowners have peace of mind that their gas line is up to standard and working effectively and efficiently.

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