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How To Know When To Call A Plumber

The plumber is a necessary and important part of our lives, but we don't always know when to call them. Whether you're noticing water leaking from your faucet or if you've just found that the sink has been backed up for days, certain signs may indicate it's time to call in the plumbers. Read on for more information about plumbing issues and what they might mean!

woman looking at her leaking sink pipes

Water Leaks

One of the most common indications that you need to call a plumber is water leaks. If you've noticed water dripping from your faucet, spigot, or any other fixture in your home, it's time to get it checked out! Not only will this cause unnecessary water waste and can lead to expensive bills down the line, but it can also lead to water damage in your home.

Water leaks are usually caused by a problem with the faucet or spigot themselves or because of an issue within your plumbing system that needs plumber attention. If you notice any leaking coming from either of these two things, take action quickly!

clogged sink

Sink Is Clogged

If your sink has been backing up for days and doesn't seem to be clearing, no matter how much you try to flush it yourself, it's time to call in a plumber. This could be a sign that there's something wrong with your drainage system — which only plumbers can properly inspect and fix.

If you've already tried using a plumber's snake to clear the clog yourself and it's still not working, this is an especially good reason to call in a plumber to help. This will be an expensive fix if your plumbing system has been completely backed up for days or weeks, but letting it go any longer can lead to much bigger issues like water damage.

dirty water coming out of sink

Water Is Discolored

If your water has taken on a strange color, it might be time to call in the plumbers. This could mean that there's rust or another form of corrosion within your plumbing system, which can be dangerous and lead to bigger problems down the line if not addressed.

Water that is discolored can also be a sign that there's an issue with your water heater and should not be ignored. If you see any signs of discolored water, it's best to call in a plumber sooner rather than later!

These are just a few of the most common signs that you need to call in a plumber — so don't hesitate if something doesn't seem right! For more information or to get help with your plumbing issue in Dallas Lake or Flower Mound, contact the plumbing professionals at Scout Plumbing today!