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Video Camera Inspections for Sewer Line in Lake Dallas

Plumbing services can be made faster and more efficient with just a snap. Video camera pipe inspections are a significant evolution in the plumbing industry. It is a fiber-optic video camera that allows a thorough and efficient inspection of septic and sewer lines.

How Does A Sewer Camera Inspection Help You?

  • Eliminates Guesswork
  • Saves Time and Money
  • You Get to See the Problem Yourself
  • Analysis of Your Sewer Pipes

This quality plumbing technology enables us to view areas that previously could not be viewed without digging up the underground, and there is no better way to check out every inch of your plumbing system and catch any impending problems early. We keep up with the latest in plumbing video inspection technology so that our techniques are more efficient and more accurate. Our diagnosis makes sure that you and our plumbing company have a complete understanding of your plumbing system’s needs before we begin our work.

Problems we can find with video pipe inspections include:

  • Broken, misaligned, or damaged pipes
  • Root intrusion
  • Grease buildup
  • Leaks
  • Obstructions
  • Clogged drains
  • Lost valuables stuck in your pipes

When Is A Plumbing Camera Inspection Necessary?

Scout Plumbing recommends a camera sewer line inspection if you’ve experienced repeated backups in your sewer line or if you “feel” something odd while cleaning the line with a cable machine. If a sewer pipe is damaged, a section is misaligned, or it has collapsed because of old age, a camera sewer line inspection will reveal the issue. Unseen water leaks can cause property damage, rotting, and mold. Repair them early before they lead to further issues, such as sewer system complications, health issues, or building insurance complications.

Signs that you may have an undetected plumbing leak:

  • Damp, musty, or strong odors.
  • Dripping sounds without a visible leak.
  • Rusty pipe joints, but no visible leak.
  • Groaning noises when water taps are turned on, often signaling the system.
  • Squealing faucets often show leaks (and the fix is simple).
  • Ever-increasing water bills.

The advantage of a camera inspection is that we need not guess about the state of your pipes, nor do we have to dig them up before we give you a quote. Scout Plumbing, together with our licensed professional plumbers, can have a clear look before beginning, allowing you to make informed decisions based on accurate and upfront pricing.

How We Perform Video Pipe Inspections

Scout Plumbing uses the most up-to-date, waterproof, and an in-line video camera to help us examine the inside of a pipe to help determine its condition. These inspections are valuable for getting into those hard-to-reach channels, such as underground pipes, and those in cement or beneath your home’s foundation.

Our highly skilled plumbers will insert a flexible rod with a high-resolution camera on its tip into pipes ranging as small as two inches and up. With this flexible rod, the camera can easily make it through the pipe, going deep and turning corners to get a picture of the length of the pipe and the rest of the sewer line. It also offers a real-time video transmission, which allows us to see what’s going in your pipes directly, and will enable us to not only look for any current problems but also to save images and analyze them for potential issues down the road. By recording the depth and physical location of your pipes, our professional plumbers can identify and solve any drain line or pipe problems quickly. Because of the accuracy that comes with video pipe inspections, we’re also able to work quickly and offer you cheaper, more effective solutions.

Scout Plumbing of Lake Dallas for Sewer Line Video Camera Inspections

With over 50 years of experience of plumbing and our dedication to excellence, Scout Plumbing is more than prepared to handle the plumbing needs of your home or business. Clients all over Lake Dallas have turned to us because we provide efficient, durable, and permanent solutions that improve performance while saving them money.

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